home theater seating

Let the CinemaShop© help you select the perfect seating option for your setting, using over 20 years of experience offering the highest quality traditional theater seats, luxury theater loungers and versatile sectional furniture. We have many different options and will help you find the perfect product to suit your taste and budget.

black leather home theater seating

We offer the highest quality full leather seating, along with quality leather match products, where what touches your body is only quality leather, plus other materials such as comfortable microfiber. We do not sell any vinyl covered seating, or "bonded leather" products, which is simply vinyl with discarded velour mixed with glue sprayed onto the back of the vinyl to claim leather content - quite the scam! Vinyl tends to break down over time and when it tears or punctures, it's nearly impossible to fix, making vinyl and bonded leather very poor long term investments.

The CinemaShop© also only offer products made in North America and Europe, bypassing cheaper made products that use inferior coverings and flimsy frames made from plywood and scrap wood pieces - these just don't stand up over time and if you flip over any CinemaShop seat, you'll clearly see the difference in construction. We guarantee the quality of every seating product we offer and know that you won't be disappointed when buying from the CinemaShop.

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home theater seating